Помогите составить маленький диалог на два героя ,чтобы один спрашивал куда идти например на улицу Свободы 231 .А другой отвечал идти нало в ту сторону .


  • -Excuse me please.I think I'm lost. how can i get to the houses of parliament?
    -walk straight along the street and on the left you"ll see a building with a beautiful tower and a big clock. thats it.
    -how long does it take?
    -only a few minutes.
    -thank you very much.
    -you"re welcome!!!

    ЭТО РЕШЕНИЕ ЗА 5-ый класс!!!

  • - Excuse me, can you tell me where Bogdanovich Street is, please?    

    -Take the second turn on the left, and then ask again.  

    - Is it far?  

    - No, it's only about 5 minutes walk. 

    - Thanks a lot.  - Not at all.